30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST


 Bookface takes place once a year around October time at the Rising Sun Arts Centre, and is organised by volunteer Neile Wright.

This is a showcase for artists hand made bookmakers, small press and anyone interested in the art of bookmaking.

The next Bookface Chapter 10, is on Saturday 12 - Sunday 13 October 2019, 11am - 5pm, free entry.

As well as stalls to browse, Bookface often includes demonstrations, workshops, installations, poetry readings and exhibitions too.

And you can relax in our Yellow Teapot Cafe with homemade snacks and refreshment.


If you are interested in taking part, please email The Rising Sun Arts Centre info@risingsun-artscentre.co.uk


Images from our Bookface events: Bookface photo shoot 2013 /  Bookface Chapter 8:  Daniel Lehan / Mike Medaglia / Bookface Chapter 9: Cafe / installtion by Mary Riley / Peter Driver and Jane Glennie / Bookface Chapter 10: Bookclub letters design / Immy Smith / Lisa-Marie Gibbs / Rachel Knight / ZAP Publishing


Hi Everyone Autumn has very much made itself at home, with an assortment of funny weather and annoying people on that new-fangled social media informing us all of how many days there are until Christmas.  At great length.  Every single bloody day.
The Rising Sun's Bookface takes pride of place in paper-form in the library. A beautiful creation by the awesome Jaz Meader! 
Hi Everyone Now you might be surprised to hear this, but yesterday they held the Most Honest Politician of the Year Contest.  You will probably be less surprised to hear that nobody won! It’s not all doom and gloom, we have a few things at the Rising Sun to tell you about 
Hi Everyone With the nights drawing in, what better place to spend them than a friendly, well-stocked and welcoming bar complete with its own fire? Well, you’re in luck, because starting this month you can do just that – right here at the centre!