30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

Bandorama: Mark Lyons / The Sandcreek Massacre / Here Are The Young Men

£8 (door) / £5 (advance) www.wegottickets.com

A Very Exciting Gig-to celebrate the birth(day) of Luisa Garcia-and to raise funds for Messy Club. Lots of cake, a raffle and plenty of shizzle.

Now in its second year.......What is Messy Club? Messy Club is a special needs drop-in playgroup for 0-5s-started by Luisa and her daughter Emmy. Lu states "It can be hard being a special needs parent. You can feel lonely and a little bit jealous of the other mums (and dads) at the playgroups, especially if your child isn’t quite as quick to reach some landmarks. Sometimes you end up not going anywhere at all. My daughter Emmy has CHARGE syndrome and I haven’t really found anywhere friendly and fun for us to play. So, we started Messy Club. There is messy play and painting, as well as activities, special guests and music. There is also the all important coffee and cake available! You can meet other parents while your children make a mess. Parents, carers, grandparents, siblings – you’re all welcome at The Messy Club."

Recently Princess Beatrice (7th in line.to the throne. Fact) attended a Messy Club and had a great time.Prince Andrew tweeted about it.

The money raised from this gig-will help Lu/Emmy to keep going and purchase paint/paper and other supplies...

The musical entertainment:

There was once a band called International Resque (then they had to shorten it to Resque-after a while-as Thunderbirds told them to). The debut single 'Yeah!' (released by Davy Lamp records in 1989) is still a perfect slice of UK pop guitar greatness. On 6rh June, International Resque blew the Stone Roses off stage at Majestic (famous Reading night spot-now flats). This has been said by many a season local gig goer over the years. International Resque were very popular in Japan. That time they sold more albums in one week in Japan-than the.....Wonder Stuff. They toured loads with Carter USM. Arguably they were a lot better and sexier than Chaperthouse. Mark will be playing the hits solo.Just him and a guitar. Luisa was (and still) is a huge fan of Resque and especially Chuck.

Luisa has got them back together and to play again, like last year.This will be their second gig in something like eight years. They were awesome last year. Luisa used to be their manager

One man a guitar and a lap top. The lady down the chip shop says "Shouty, angry but great pop ditties". Last seen supporting Wire at the Westend Aldershot Centre. 

Might be wise to purchase advance tickets-as last year the show was sold out by 9pm.

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