30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

Club Velocity-16th Birthday gig-Ed Borrie

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Club Velocity presents
Saturday March 16th 2019
16th Birthday Party Number 1
Rising Sun Arts Centre 30 Silver St
Reading Berkshire RG1 2ST
Doors 8pm All Ages

March 2019 Club Velocity becomes a teenager.
16 years on putting on gigs here in Reading.
Liking it more than ever.2018 been a strange year-
too many people passing away.But hey 2019
should be even better.

Ed Borrie
One time lead chap of one of our all time fave bands
that being S*M*A*S*H.They were part of the rather too
short NWONW.Ask your grandad.

The NME claimed they were "The English MC5,"

'Self Abused' the debut album-still sounds as fierce,vital and even
more vital than it did in 1995.

They had a top 30 hit with a song called (I Want) To Kill Somebody.
Basically threatening to kill several members of the Tory party.

Supported THe Ramones at Brixton and blew them off stage.

As a song writer one of the most brutally honest, verbally amazing, a punk poet
of a generation.That some of us listened.A lot More Should have.

One of the best live bands ever.Fact.

Ed is getting a new band together.An album will be released in 2019
Heard one song-its very good.

Do not expect S*M*A*S*H MK11 as that is not the point.

But it will be great and a must see.

One of the ultimate Club Velocity bands.Being playing
for us since they were 12 years.Four years later-esp 
this year-they could now be real contenders.They supported Shonen Knife at Sub89 earlier this year.Sounding truly amazing on that big stage and really held their own.Shonen Knife called them 'cute pop' Their agent was very,very impressed.Steve Lamacq has played them now.Robin Ince (the comedian) is a fan.Round these parts-the chattering classes are definitely talking a
bout them a lot.They are still finding their feet and sound.That is why they are a
very,very exciting prospect of a band.

Our fave new band in all the world of 2018.They just happen to live here.
What is the genius of them-is I still do not really know why I like them so much.
I have played their soundcloud to death.It is pop music for the masses.Slightly
bendy, left of centre.They are not a particular cool band.Cool sucks.
2019 really hoping that THAT London finally wake up to the genius that is Harroland.

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