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Club Velocity presents Nearly Unsociable/MarcusMidi/Spanish Green

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Club Velocity presents
Nearly Unsociable/MarcusMidi/Spanish Green

Nearly Unsociable first performed live as a band at a school concert in 2014 under the name ‘Painted Faces,’ and their desire to become a guitar rock band was ignited. They swiftly established their current line-up: Louis (guitar/vocals), Beatrice (vocals), Olly (guitar), Lewis (bass), and Henry (drums), and began to perform regularly together.
At first they played a selection of covers, such as ‘Starman’, 'Can’t Stop' and 'R U Mine', and eventually in 2016, Louis wrote their first original song, ‘Valerie in the Gallery.’ Over the next couple of years, as the band members left school for university and college, Nearly Unsociable began performing to public audiences at local pubs and community festivals, such as ‘Around the Boundary' near Oxford. The group became closer-knit as they rehearsed and collaborated on more original material written by Louis, and their classical music training gave them the skill base from which to develop their own individual style.
Now fully focused on original songs, the alternative rock band recorded their debut single ‘Fight The Feeling’ in 2018 at Blue Dot Studios in Brighton, with producer Olli Daffarn. Looking towards the future, the band plans to expand its performance opportunities, while working on new original material and continuing to develop that style which is uniquely ‘Nearly Unsociable.’

Club Velocity legend.His fans include Brett Anderson/Zane Low/Tom Bellamy

I make music of the future with bits of the past. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I like Autumn, shapes, colours and Star Trek. The future? Watch this space.


Spanish green are a new indie rock band with hook-driven post-punk influences. Made up of salesmen, scientists and guys tattooed with exploding chickens, from Wandsworth and Reading town. Spanish green are named after the village where they met and fell in love

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