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Dance Day

Free Entry

For the fourth year on the trot, we present another whole day of FREE dance classes!

All classes are aimed at beginners giving a taste of the wide range of dance taught at the centre. Dance is good for you and nurtures mind body and soul. It's great exercise, it connects us to others. It is creative and expression of feelings and ideas.

The dances and timings are:
10:30 - La Rueda
11:15 - Balboa
12:00 - Bachata
12:45 - Tango
1:30 - Kizomba
2:15 - Solo Jazz
3:00 - Tap
3:45 - Dabhka
4:30 - Instructor demos

And the cafe will be open too, so you can have a piece of cake as you've worked so hard :)


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