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The Dead Rat Orchestra ‘The Cut’

£5/£3 concessions

‘The Cut’

For over a decade the Dead Rats have been one of the UK's most challenging and innovative folk ensembles.


'The Cut' is an exploration of the musical heritage of the industrial waterways from London To Bristol. Travelling 273 miles at 2.5 mph by canal barge, the DRO are seeking to challenge the traditionally held view that there is "no canal music". Having immersed themselves in the murky waters of archives, museums, and many long chats and cups of tea, their performances will bring to light unseen perspectives as to how these historic constructions bring about musical flows. New discoveries are brought forth from formal and informal archives in a vital and vibrant way.


Always unconventional - a performance from the Rats can include anything from the familiar to the peculiar; violins, harmoniums and hollering are combined with axes, cleavers, and shards of tuned metal, music made with a sweaty physicality and engaging force.


Afternoon creative workshops

For all ages (Free) 2pm

Come along and take part in family friendly creative workshops in collaboration with The Museum of English Rural Life who will use artefacts from their collection as inspiration in creating art and banners, which we will use to decorate the centre during the evening event.


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