30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

Love: exhibition of visual & carnival arts

Free Entry

As part of Love, Live, Dream: a short festival of togetherness.

A one day exhibition of visual and carnival arts. 
Work by Ahmad Alazami and Herman Philbert. 

2pm - Exhibition opens
3pm - Talk/demo of Carnival Arts by Herman Philbert
6pm - Talk by Ahmad Alazami
7pm - Food, a selection of Syrian Snacks

Herman Philbert

Herman Philbert works as a Carnival Arts in Reading teaching constument making and the history of Carnival. He works with Trinibago Carnival Band, one of the first groups to display costumes at Notting Hill Carnival in 1973. 

"Carnival is part of my cultural heritage representing family, friends, community and togetherness regardless of colour, race or creed and coming from Trinidad and Tobago - the most cosmopolitan island in the Caribbean."

Ahmad Alazami

Ahmad Alazami is a Syrian artists born and raised in Damascus. He is a graduate of the Fine Arts University of Damascus and currently lives in Reading.

Ahmad's work incorporates nails, string, inked Arabic calligraphy, lighting and utilises discarded wood as a symbol of the remains in Syria. 

"The work is three dimensional due to the use of nails and string. The lighting of each piece is carefully arranged and is an intrinsic part of the work creating shadows which add a new element."

Funded by Building a Stronger Britain Together with thanks for Reading City of Sanctuary and Real Time Video.
This event is part of Reading International Festival.


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