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Tribute Night mailout: For whom the bell lolz 2 (sent 04-May-14)

Hello again, my pretty Tribbers.

I think perhaps I may have put the proverbial cat among the not actually literal pigeons with my last mailout.  In less than a week, four acts, five songs and two TBCs have dropped off the list for the Bee Gees night.  Ironically, one of the songs was For Whom The Bell Tolls.  Guess I was asking for that.  Fortunately, we also have one act picking up a second song (Nights On Broadway!  Yay!  Thanks, Bright Shadows!) and a brand new act on the roster.  That still leaves us with a fairly slim line-up.  Enough for a respectable evening's worth, but there's definitely plenty of room for more.
Do you fancy throwing your Bee Gees hat into the ring and learning a song or two in the next two weeks?  If so, I would love to hear from you!  I can send you an updated list of bagsied and unbagsied songs if that helps.  Get in touch!
Also, I forgot to mention last time, but have you checked out the shiny new Rising Sun Arts Centre website?  I think it looks perfectly lovely.  It's in the usual place, so go and have a look:
That's all from me for now.  Feel free to tell me if Tribute Night isn't for you and you'd like to come off the mailing list.  It's not for everyone, dear.