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Tribute Night mailout: Gibb it up for The Bee Gees... (sent 27-Feb-14)

My dearest fellow Tributonians,

Welcome to the end of February and the official commencement of spring!

The Bee Gees night is now full and reclining in its lazy boy chair in front of the fire, cradling its tender tummy and looking forward to a good snooze. We have had a very enthusiastic response and a rapid take-up of song requests. We have had one very unenthusiastic response as well, but that's show business! There is now a small waiting list of people who didn't quite get in before fullness was reached and if you wish to join them, please do let me know. As is always the way with these things, people will reassess their commitments or discover diary clashes or be faced with other slightly more critical life events between now and then, so there is always hope of a space opening up. Most of the people on the waiting list for The Clash night ended up playing.

Talking of The Clash night, our friend Ross Hale made a film of the whole night, which can be found on the Tribute Night Facebook page or by following the link below. There is also an album of photos wot I took on the night to be found on the Facebook page. If you have any Tribute Night photos or videos of your own, please feel free to share them on the Facebook page, but remember to check that your privacy settings for your photos or videos are set to 'public' or it won't work!

The Clash Tribute Night in all its finely edited video glory, courtesy of Ross Hale:

Photos of The Clash night can be found at the Tribute Night Facebook Page:

Back to The Bee Gees, here's the list of who is doing what so far:

  • zacabi You Win Again
  • Bright Shadows Tragedy
  • Luke & The Dirty Doggettes Massachusetts
  • Rebecca Lambert For Whom The Bell Tolls
  • Ryan O’Donoghue Jive Talkin’ + 1tbc
  • Dan Cooper Grease
  • Sarah Lucas & Damien A Passmore Islands In The Stream
  • Lawrence Piddock New York Mining Disaster 1941
  • Damien A Passmore & The Loveable Fraudsters Secret Love + 1tbc
  • Mike Rose & The Rockbelly How Deep Is Your Love? + Chain Reaction
  • Splodge Night Fever
  • Gibbo & The Gibbs Emotion
  • Tim & Janet Woman In Love
  • The Kazoopremes I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You
  • Ian De Quadros To Love Somebody + How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?
  • Boff I Can’t See Nobody
  • The Ultimate End Stayin’ Alive + 1 tbc
  • The Herberts You Should Be Dancing
  • The Golden Hours 1 tbc
I'll be back with more exciting news when there is more exciting news to impart.