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Are You Listening? - our line-up announced

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We’re pleased to be part of this year’s Are You Listening? Festival – and to announce the acts playing at the centre.

In case you don’t know, the Are You Listening? Festival is a one-day, multi-venue music event that raises funds for Reading Mencap, a local charity that supports people with learning disabilities and their families. Since the event launched in April 2013, it’s sold over 3,500 tickets and to date raised over £25,000.

We’re taking part for the first time this year, and headlining our stage are a band who are no strangers to the Rising Sun – Dolly & The Clothes Pegs. For those of you who saw their epic New Year’s Eve gig, the folk/skiffle/bluegrass/anything-goes ensemble are boasting a new line-up, armed with the same enthusiasm as ever.

Also on the bill are Alphabet Backwards, Youth Club For Rich Kids, Forget Gravity and more. We’ve gathered the line-up for the centre on our event page, or head over to the Are You Listening? site to see everyone playing on the day in every venue, and plan your day accordingly.

All-day tickets are still available to order online for £15 – this gets you free access to move between all the venues and see as many acts as you can. These will also be available on the day (price TBC), or you can just buy a single-venue ticket for £5 on the door.

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