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Interview: Sid Siddle

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This Saturday we celebrate the 12th Birthday of Club Velocity here at the Rising Sun. So as we prepare for the party, we caught up with the birthday boy himself – Sid Siddle…


RSAC - Club Velocity turns 12 years old. How did it come about?

Sid - I used to promote in London at the Water Rats in Kings Cross. However in 2003 I was getting bored with getting the last train home to Reading on a Saturday night. The Water Rats also changed management and the new people were not cool. The chap that used to run Happy Robots nights at Silver Street found love and moved to the USA. I approached the Rising Sun Arts Centre and they agreed that I could take his monthly slot.


RSAC - And when you first started, could you have imagined you'd still be going strong 12 years later?

Sid - Yes and no. There have been many times, where I have come close to quitting. I do not like quitting anything. I sort of think – if you hang around long enough everything will come good. I am definitely not quitting now.


RSAC - What have been the real highlights of the past 12 years of Club Velocity?

Sid - Too many to mention. Off the top of my head. The TV Smith gig last year was awesome. Early shows by the likes of Elle Milano, Help She Can’t Swim, Heartwear Process, Libor Spacek, Ben Marwood.....and many, many more is always really cool when punters have travelled miles to come to a show. That gig many moons ago-the line-up was Six Nation State/Bidgie Reef And The Gas/November Five. It was probably the hottest gig on record. I can still see Roger Winslet coming into the bar-literally drenched in sweat. It looked like he had been in the shower…


RSAC - Tough one then – If you could put together an all-time Club V gig, which 3 acts from the past 12 years would you choose?

Sid - That would change every week. Today I think Ben Marwood headlining, with the Shitty Limits supporting with Bidgie Reef and the Gas opening up.


RSAC - Looking forward to this year's line-up, then – why should we be excited?

Sid - All three acts are very, very strong. I am personally a huge fan of all three. The August List have definitely grown from playing the Rising Sun Arts Centre. They are now a world class band. The Blank Bibles are awesome. I am surprised how much I like and rate them. They are like Paul Simon jamming with Fleetwood Mac and Tender Trap. Pink Diamond Revue are like no the band on earth. Think the Shadows having lunch with BAD.


RSAC – And finally, then – what makes the Rising Sun such a great place for Club Velocity?

Sid - It is one of the best venues in the country. It is perfect for Club Velocity. It’s a great DIY space. It can be the hottest venue and the coldest venue. If you can’t play well at Silver Street, you will not be able to play anywhere.


The Club Velocity 12th Birthday party is on Saturday 27th March. Doors 8pm All Ages

£5 (door) £4 (advance) www.wegotickets.com

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