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A Landscape of Charms and Machines is coming

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Two weekends. Four events. And you can be part of it.

A Landscape of Charms and Machines is a large scale, multi-disciplinary project celebrating the hidden landscapes and secret histories of Reading. Following on from the enormous success of the Flint Giant earlier this year, join us for further events in this project as we celebrate the centre’s birthday and Reading’s underground art scene. It’s all inspired by an original piece of music written by Tim Hill, commissioned by The Rising Sun and based on research by Tim Hill and Dr Adam Stout, and the work of artist Peter Hay.

First up are a pair of great participatory events led by dramatist, voice coach, poet and Rising Sun Original John Hoggett. On Saturday 24 September, we have a Drama Workshop (1-4pm) that will lead to a daring intervention somewhere in Reading which raises the issue of homelessness and asks who controls the town. Then, on Sunday 25 September (1-4pm), John will lead a Local Vocals Workshop (£2) of simple, enjoyable exercises that anyone can take part in and is suitable for people of all vocal abilities. And if enough people attend, it’ll be followed by to a choir improvising on a simple theme somewhere in Reading’s town centre.

Then, we’ll see October in with a concert from the impressive Tongues of Fire on Saturday 1 October at 8:30pm (£10) as they perform ‘A Landscape of Charms and Machines’ and other pieces. The music is inspired by some of the landscape, people and worlds of Reading, including the evocative paintings, prints and writings of artist Peter Hay, Kennet Mouth, traffic roars, flint ruins, gas work dreams and the wild curate of St Laurence’s John Pordage

Then Tim on Sunday 2 October for Hidden Histories: Part II (free entry), a DIY exhibition celebrating The Rising Sun, the world it sprang form and the people that made it happen. The exhibition will stretch back to the sixties and beyond, a fascinating glimpse of the life of the town and its people. We will be creating a great timeline of the centre’s history and possible future too. If you have memories, thoughts, posters, photos, films or anything related please contact us. Please join us from 1-5pm where we will be putting the exhibition together. The Yellow Teapot Café will be open throughout.

To follow the exhibition at 8pm there will a ‘cabaret’ featuring many local artists including the singer songwriter Terry Clarke, who has written a beautiful suite of music about his hometown. It will be a celebration in film and video, photos, chats, sounds, posters, talks, artwork and more.

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