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New year, new programme, new blog!

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With the reading Year of Culture and our own 25th anniversary, 2016 promises to be a banner year for the Rising Sun Arts Centre.

And with both those things in mind, we’re ready to celebrate with a host of special events, like our Dance Day, that’ll help you Get Fit for Reading (January’s theme for the Year of Culture) and the 1991 Tribute Night, celebrating the music we were all listening to the year the centre officially opened its doors.

We’ve also got some great new regular events starting this year, like the Yellow Teapot Café, bringing people together over community, cake and cups of tea, or the Creative Kids Club, starting February and giving children the chance to learn new creative skills.

All this and so much more is expanded in great detail in our new January-April programme, available in the centre and a few other places around town. Pick up your copy and start filling up your diary!

And that’s not all! To celebrate our 25th birthday this year, we’ve created a blog where we hope to put together the collective history of the centre. If you have any stories or photos that you would like to share with us please get in touch

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This weekend's Events (29th November to 1st December)

Well, well, it's that last week before December.  Michael bloody Buble and Jools Holland are being unfrozen from their cryogenic pods.

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This Weekend's Events (22nd to 24th November)

Hi Everyone

I, your humble narrator, have a few things to do this evening.  So without any further ado, here's what we have at the Rising Sun this weekend