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The Ocelot's Venue of the Year!

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If you’ve not heard already, we were voted the Venue of the Year in The Ocelot magazine’s Big Fat review of 2014.

If you check out their January issue, you’ll find the full dedication on page 33. Some of the region’s premier musicians were interviewed to reach this verdict, and we’re flattered by their testimonies.

Awards-presenter Ed “Gig Monkey” Dyer said he had not “...heard a poor word for the place from any of the musicians who play there or promoters who put shows on at this charming and friendly, frayed around the edges old place”. Which is about as good a summary as we’d ever want to received, quite frankly!

As a lovely, complimentary aside, The August List won record of the year for O’Hinterland in the same awards. Of course, the launch party for that album was right here at the Rising Sun, and if you missed The August List last weekend, they’ll be back again for the Club Velocity 12th Birthday bash on 27th March!

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