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This Weekend's events (12th to 14th May)

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Hi Everyone

It’s often claimed that a dog is a man’s best friend.  And, during one of this week's quieter moments at Rising Sun HQ we decided to try this out with Nigel, our Staffordshire Terrier-Hyaena cross.  However, when we asked him if he’d lend us twenty quid to go down the pub with, he didn’t even look up at us to acknowledge we’d spoken to him, let alone put his hand in his pocket.  (Mind you, he normally growls and gnaws at the furniture when we look at him, so I suppose it could’ve been worse…) 

And in other unrelated news, we have a number of things for your delectation at the Rising Sun this weekend...

Friday sees another BIG UNTIDY NIGHT OUT

The Big Untidy Night Out specialises in bringing new unusual talent into the Rising Sun.  Singers, songwriters, poets, punk outfits, ambient experimentalists, sensational cellists and demonic banjo-players, the possibilities are endless.

This one features the return of Big Untidy favourite GRANT SHARKEY!  Grant is a modern day troubadour bringing us two albums and two huge tours per year. He combines bass-playing virtuosity with political content and great good humour. 

West London’s own ROBERT HOKUM is blues man extraordinaire. since picking up a guitar in 1966 he has concentrated on refining his approach to the blues. This has never involved preserving it in aspic and he is happy to take on new ideas. in his spare time, he organises and MC's the Ealing Blues Festival. WOLFNOTE are a Reading based acoustic quartet specialising in folk and Americana with a lovely blend of vocal harmony.

We’re open at 8pm and mission is only a paltry £5 on the door

On Saturday afternoon, we have another YELLOW TEAPOT CAFE

The Yellow Teapot Cafe might do everything a cafe might do. In fact it does , you can buy tea, coffee and soft drinks, biscuit, cake and we would serve a beer if pushed. But we are not a cafe we are an event at the Rising Sun Arts Centre and to that end we can provide so much more! It is a moveable feast. It happens every month on the 2nd and last Saturdays between 1 and 3 pm.

Like I said, you can find the usual fare but more it is a haven for those who like to look at books and drink tea. We have the beginnings of a little library with picture, poetry and story books for the young at heart. Alongside the aforementioned refreshment we will serve Chinese and Indian teas freely. 

Also there will be a selection of art materials so there will be opportunity to write and draw as inspired in the gentle creative space. With I hope some background music that will also bring to the fore creative juices. What’s not to like? 

Finally, on Sunday, we have a BALBOA TEA DANCE

After the roaring success of the Balboa Mondays 2016 Tea Dance we are back with another edition!

So come along, have a dance and eat cake to help put some money towards the Rising Sun Arts Centre. This time to raise money to replace the floor in the upstairs room to improve our ability to shuffle, jazz step and rueda our way through 2017!

As per last year we will be kicking the afternoon off at 2:00pm with a taster balboa class, then from 2.30pm onwards we will have the finest DJs playing tunes for your dancing pleasure whilst offering ample opportunities to partake of tea and cake. All this for a bargain £10 on the door!

That’s everything for another week, just to remind you that we are, as always, at 30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST (If you pop it into your satnav or Google, we shall magically appear!)

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Hi Everyone

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