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This Weekend's Events (24th to 26th October)

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Hi Everyone

You know, it's sometimes common to say that something is "great news for insomniacs", normally they mean something disappointing such as a new Coldplay album, another episode of the X-Factor or the latest piece of fiction from Jeffrey Archer.  However, and speaking as one myself, this time around I do have some news for insomniacs which is genuinely joyous news.  There's just two sleeps until Christmas!

In other news, there also a number of events happening at the Rising Sun this weekend

On Friday, we have something special from TAEY IOHE

As part of this year's constellation event, the Rising Sun plays host to a specially commissioned work by Korean artist Taey Iohe.  Taey is an exciting visual and sound installation artist with an international reputation.

Taey makes moving images, installations, objects and dialogues and has exhibited widely in the UK, US, Ireland andher native South Korea.  The Museum of Modern Art in Seoul has recently purchased three pieces of her work for their permanent exhibition, illustrating her current status and importance in South Korean art.  She has been commissioned by the Rising Sun to create a piece of work which will involve film, audio and visual elements.  It promises to be a major piece of work and we are very excited to have the opportunity to bring Taey to Reading.

We'll be open from 7pm and admission is free (although donatiopns ar appreciated)

On Saturday. It's time for FIESTA LATINA

A little piece of Cuba hidden away in Reading. A relaxed and friendly Latin party with lots of Latin music so you can dance, or just socialise. You can expect plenty of Salsa, tango and whatever the mood suggests: bachata, milonga, merengue and reggaeton. Maybe more!
We’re open from 9pm and it’ll cost you a paltry £6.to get in

By the way, you may be fascinated/horrified to know that next week is half term week in Reading, which gives us a handy opportunity to mention THE ENCHANTED PRINCESS TOUR next Thursday.

A great half-term activity for all the princesses in Reading!  Enjoy a fabulous evening with The Enchanted Princesses who will be breaking into song and creating plenty of photo opportunites.

We'll be open form 3.30pm to 6.30pm.  You can find out more and book ticketsat www.enchantedplayers.co.uk/tours (Early Bird tickets cost £5)

That's everything for another weekend, just to remind you that you can find us at 30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST  (If you put us in your Google or Sat Nav, we shall magically appear)

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This Weekend's Events (22nd to 24th November)

Hi Everyone

I, your humble narrator, have a few things to do this evening.  So without any further ado, here's what we have at the Rising Sun this weekend