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This Weekend's Events (27th to 29th November)

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Hi Everyone

I really did mean to mention this last week, but have you seen our new YouTube page? It's great, even if we say so ourselves!  We've been quite busy at the Rising Sun, uploading fantastic new videos of events at the centre, and we're also collecting existing videos of events, workshops and good times over the past few years into easy-to-watch playlists.

Check it out and click on "subscribe" so you can stay updated with new videos as they're uploaded


You might be interested to know that once we reach the grand total of 100 subscribers, we can change our not so memorable URL to something that trips off the tongue a little easier!  You know you want to.  Go On!  Go on! Go on!  Go on! Go on etc

And now we've got that out of the way, it's tiome to let you know what's happening at the Rising Sun this weekend

On Friday, we have CLUB VELOCITY

Another fine selection of beat combos for the enjoyment of us all courtesy of Velocity HQ and it looks just so:-

An outfit who brought the house down on their previous visit.  Purveyors of a wonderful old school indie.  Cusatom-designed for fans of Felt/Sonic Youth/Jazz Butcher.  Proper Indie.  Not the kind you find on a Top Shop T-Shirt

We love these kids.  Bubble gum POP, the kind your momma used to bake. They are the new Devo, the new Skids or even the new Take That.  More punk than your smelly old dad, who smells off pee.  They sound like the Cars on very expensive sassy beer.

They seem to be from Spain/Italy/Slovenia/UK.They make seriously tasty bubblegum power garage pop.Tasty, tasty and tasty.  For fans of Sixty Watt Bayonets/The Franklys/The Muffs/Lovely Eggs/Mika Bomb/The Runaways/The Go Gos/The Sonics/The Gories/Headcoats/Giuda/Slade/MC5....you know the score.

On Saturday it's time for FIESTA LATINA

A fun and sociable dance night featuring a mix of Latin dances from tango to meringue, salsa to bachata and all the stops in between (La Rueda is a speciality). Very friendly evening in somewhere that could have been lifted straight out of Cuba. Come and enjoy some hot Latin rhythms.

We'll be open at 9pm and it'll cost you a paltry £6 on the door to get in

Finally on Sunday, we bring you SUNDAY ASSEMBLY

Sunday Assembly Reading is a community group that meets on the last Sunday of each month at the Rising Sun to hear great talks, sing songs, eat cake and celebrate life… it’s a part atheist church, part foot-stomping show.  Each event has a theme with stories, readings and a final address on that topic. No matter what the subject, the goal of The Sunday Assembly is to solace worries, provoke kindness and inject a bit more whizziness into the everyday.  And the best part.... IT’S FREE.

We're open from 11am to 12pm, and everybody's welcome!

That’s everything for another week, just to remind you that we are, as always, at 30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST (If you pop it into your satnav or Google, we shall magically appear!)

Have a nice weekend!

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