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This Weekend's Events (28th to 30th July)

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Hi Everyone

This might seem somewhat off-piste, but when adjusting our clocks for British Summer Time and Greenwich Mean Time, we’re often reminded by the saying “Spring forward, fall back.”  However, my pal Alberto is an acrobat in a circus and during his performance he sometimes springs back sometimes forward and sometimes falls forward, sometimes back.  Now, over the years the clocks in his caravan have got so out of sync that he has a roaring fire in July and wears shorts and flip flops in February.

But that’s enough about Alberto, it’s time once more to let you know what’s happening at the Rising Sun this very weekend…

On Friday, it’s time for CLUB VELOCITY

Another fine selection of beat combos for the enjoyment of us all courtesy of Velocity HQ and it looks just so:-

Draw The Shades are a 4 piece rock band from Reading. Distorted riffs, heavy anthems and soaring vocals make this band stand out from the crowd. The diversity of this band brings together an exciting mix of alternative sounds that entices their audiences.

One of our fave new bands of 2017.  They are the right side of what Radio One thinks is 'cool'-but they have also have great songs..

This is the sort of thing that Huw Stephens will be getting excited about in 2018. Great bubblegum pop n roll for the Pop kids.

Or so we’re told…

New kids on the block,already causing waves round these parts, and already being championed by Alt Reading

We’ll be open at 8pm and it’ll cost you £6 on the door, or £5 in advance from www.wegottickets.com

On Saturday afternoon, we have another YELLOW TEAPOT CAFE

The Yellow Teapot Cafe might do everything a cafe might do. In fact it does , you can buy tea, coffee and soft drinks, biscuit, cake and we would serve a beer if pushed. But we are not a cafe we are an event at the Rising Sun Arts Centre and to that end we can provide so much more! It is a moveable feast. It happens every month on the 2nd and last Saturdays between 1 and 3 pm.
Like I said, you can find the usual fare but more it is a haven for those who like to look at books and drink tea. We have the beginnings of a little library with picture, poetry and story books for the young at heart. Alongside the aforementioned refreshment we will serve Chinese and Indian teas freely. 

Also there will be a selection of art materials so there will be opportunity to write and draw as inspired in the gentle creative space. With I hope some background music that will also bring to the fore creative juices. What’s not to like?

That’s everything for another week, just to remind you that we are, as always, at 30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST (If you pop it into your satnav or Google, we shall magically appear!)

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