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This Weekend's Events (4th to 6th March)

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Hi Everybody

Hope you're all well and that you enjoyed the extra day of February at the start of the week.  Can I get a "hell yeah!"  No?  Oh well, fair enough... while I, your humble narrator, do find myself amused at the prospect of an extra day every four years, it is rather harsh that it has to mean an extra day of winter.  Personally, I do feel that 31st April or 32nd July has a much better ring to it

Anyhow, enough of that, as it's very close to the weekend, we just happen to have more news of a Rising Sun nature to tell you about

On Friday, it's the first MADCAP MOONSOUP of 2016

Madcap Moonsoup bring you another evening of unpredictable mayhem and surreal goings on. Every Madcap Moonsoup event is a mix of artistically adventurous performers, comedians, musicians and mimes who combine to create an explosion of comedic possibilities.

Appearing this time around are

LUKE PAULO (solo) 

It's pandemonium!  Thoroughly enjoyable pandemonium

We're open from 9pm and it'll cost you £4 on the door to get in

Saturday lunchtime we have CLASSICAL FOR CHARITY

Classical For Charity is a series of classical and jazz concerts at The Rising Sun Arts Centre, performed by local musicians and hosted by local pianist and piano teacher Maija Tuomi-Nikula. 

Come and support us by enjoying top-quality, rarely heard music in a great, relaxed atmosphere without having to pay enormous ticket prices! 

The time has come again for Maija's piano students to show off their skills! They all have developed their skills and learned a lot of new songs since the last year's concert, and many of them are also taking their first piano exams this spring. 

The programme will include short little songs for beginners, several short duets and some more advanced songs from Grades I to III, plus some rather famous ones from outside the official Grade syllabus! I will be playing a couple of solo pieces as well. The chosen charity will be decided closer to the time.

Tickets cost £3 as usual but this time kids go free. There will be coffee and tea and other refreshments available. There will also be paper and colouring pencils available for the smaller audience members to amuse themselves if sitting down for a full 45 minutes gets a bit wearisome. 

Doors open at 12.30 and music starts at 13.00. We look forward to seeing you!

On Saturday evening, we give you something special in the shape of JULIA TITUS:  LIFE IS TOO SHORT

Ask Julia about what she does and she'll tell you all about the music - the styles she likes, the things she sings and why. Blues, jazz, reggae, whatever - she is a culture hoover drinking it all in and breathing it all out again with a voice that warms and refreshes anyone within earshot.

Ask the rest of us what Julia does and we'll tell you that an hour of JT is as good as a relaxed afternoon in the sunshine.

Life Is Too Short features Julia performing an acoustic set with Matt Foster (guitar) and Chuck Lloyd (sax).

We're open at 8pm and it'll cost you a paltry £5 on the door

That's everything for another week.  Just to remind you that barring bizarre unexplained phenemona, that you can find us at 30 Silver Street, Reading Berkshire, England, Europe, Northern Hemisphere, Planet Earth. The Solar System, Milky Way, Near Andromeda, The Universe, RG1 2ST  (If you put us in your google or satnav we shall magically appear)

And before, I forget, it's Mother's Day on Sunday.  If you're still lucky enough to have your Mum around, then don't forget to send her a card...  If you don't we'll send the carol singers round (and then we'll get them to tell your Mum the bad news)

Have a nice weekend!

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This Weekend's Events (12th to 14th October)

Hi Everyone

With the nights drawing in, what better place to spend them than a friendly, well-stocked and welcoming bar complete with its own fire?

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With the nights drawing in, what better place to spend them than a friendly, well-stocked and welcoming bar complete with its own fire?