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Year of Culture and Carnival workshops begin this month

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Come and be part of two fantastic creative workshops – and two great events.

The Rising Sun is about to launch its major project for Reading’s Year of Culture, A Landscape of Charms and Machines, which will involve concerts, lectures, exhibitions and participatory projects throughout the year.

We start the project with a large scale event in the town centre on Saturday May 28th. The procession will feature a costumed procession, marching band Tongues of Fire and the Newbury Giant (last seen in Reading as The Winter Giant in December), as well as our very own Flint Giant – which you can help us to build!

Participatory workshops working with artist Martin West (creator of, amongst other things, Spike, the legendary Rising Sun dinosaur!) to create this second, smaller giant. We will be finding inspiration in Reading’s secret history and will explore the town’s hidden landscapes to create our Flint Giant. Call Larry on 07765 599433 for more info.

And that’s not all – Carnival time is nearly upon us, too! Reading Carnival is a great day of community togetherness and features music, dance, food and creativity, happening on Bank Holiday Monday (May 30th) at Prospect Park in West Reading.

Our Carnival Costume making workshops begin on Tuesday April 5th and continue every Tuesday in April and May, giving you the chance work with Carnival Artist Herman Philbert to make costumes based on the theme of Reading’s History – The Year of Culture Theme for May.  Come and be part of a great community project.

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