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Our Reading Fringe Festival line-up

We’re once again delighted to be part of the Reading Fringe Festival. On Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 July we’ll play host to a variety of performances that will make you laugh, make you think and maybe even make you cry.

Here’s the run-down of what you can expect next weekend:

Saturday 28 July

12pm – Where would we be without good old autism?

Light hearted comedy, music and spoken word about Autism. Find out more

1:30pm – Trampoline: Jim Campbell

Jim had a breakdown, so you don’t have to… Find out more

5pm – My live closed twice

Explore the lived experiences of a 21st century psychosis sufferer. Find out more

6:30pm – Do my boobs look big in this?

Big, small, or none at all – let’s talk about boobs… Find out more

8pm – Stand up, weather girl!

Can you be a full-time feminist and a part-time weather girl? Find out more

9pm – Foreign American

Armed with a pair of high heels and a ukulele, let me sing you a story… Find out more

Sunday 29 July

12:30pm – Wedding guest extraordinaire

Sarah Southern wants to be the BEST wedding guest. Find out more

2:30pm – Go slay dragons

Dan was almost shot, and it’s Rupert Murdoch’s fault. Kinda… Find out more

4pm – The Miller’s story

Clown, clogs and Chaucer, a bit of medieval fun. Find out more

5:30pm – Do my boobs look big in this?

Big, small, or none at all – let’s talk about boobs (again)… Find out more

Tickets to all of these shows can be brought from the Reading Fringe website.


Our very own Zap! Comedy team are also performing as part of the festival – and not here at the centre(!). The Zap Show will be at the Broad Street Mall on Saturday 28 July at 6:30pm, and is here to ensure Reading doesn’t take itself too seriously!

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