30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

Bandorama presents Club Velocity 13 birthday party Quiet Quiet Band/Big Zero/The Johns

£5 (door) £4 (advance) www.wegottickets.com
Club Velocity/Bandoramma persents
!!!!!Club Velocity 13th Birthday Party!!!!!!
Saturday March 19th 2016
8pm All Ages
Rising Sun Arts Centre 30 Silver Street Reading RG1 2ST
Club Velocity is 13 years old on March 19th.
Therefore there will be (free) cake
One of the best live bands around.
They deal in punk-alt country-blue grass greatness.
Are poss the greatest three piece in all the land.
They are the future of POP.Oh yes they are.
For fans of Devo/Weezer/The Cars
That London-media darlings-who do not own that many records.2016 are shouting 'Power Pop' Erm....to us The Johns sound like a rather sassy UK/Candian PUNK band-but have tunes.They strut.The sort of band that Radio 1 really should shout about.Some of you Reading types might remember the band Smile.Anyway that was yester year....now welcome The Johns (isnt this a cool band name and guess what non of them are called John) The Johns are now-lick licking ice cream on a very hot sunny day.More cool than your mum.They wear shades.Inside.Everett True would dig em.Swell (RIP) would hate them.Debut Reading show.Debut seven inch being released by Buddyhead very soon........
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