30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

Milonga Simpatica

A regular tango dance event, complete with tea and home-made cakes. This is your chance to sociale and dance with tangueros in Reading. Watch out for special events featuring live music by Reading's finest tango bands.

Milonga Simpatica takes place every third Sunday of the month.


Hi Everyone I, your humble narrator, have just had a fascinating glimpse into the year 2074.  People are slightly taller, luminous socks and flared trousers are back in style and somewhat unsurprisingly, people are still moaning about England in the World Cup.
Hi Everyone I do hope you're enjoying this somewhat unseasonal weather and not sweltering too much.  Excuse me a moment, I just need a cold shower (again)
Hi Everyone September has been a little quiet so far  (let's be honest, we can't keep up our maximum red-hot pace all the time!) However, this time around we have a packed weekend to tell you about at the Rising Sun!
Hi Everyone Once again, life has managed to get in the way of this little epistle concerning all things Rising Sun related.  Luckily there is a full weekend for I, your humble narrator,  to tell you about! On Friday, we bring you STAND UP CINEMA