30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

Stand Up Cinema

Stand Up Cinema is a monthly film night run by the Rising Sun Arts centre showing \rarely seen classics, obscure documentaries, cult independents and overlooked modern gems: plus screenings of the best locally made film and video. Stand Up Cinema is a collaboration between The Rising Sun and Real Time Video. To get your film shown at one of our Stand Up Cinema events, contact Real Time at info@real-time.org.uk

Doors: 7pm Short Films: 7.30pm Main feature: 8.00pm

Stand Up is launching a new membership scheme, entry to any film is £5 or annual membership is just £10 and also includes entry to 2016’s make it visual workshop programme.


Great movies, workshops and a new annual pass for 2016.
Hi Everyone You know, dear reader, I did have a little pre-amble planned for this evening's little missive from us to you, however, life has rather got in the way.
Hi Everyone As we wend our way towards the end of March, people will be acidentally putting their clocks forward this weekend instead of next.  If you are one of those people, you happen to be in good company!  I, your humble narrator, had to double check myself...