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Cally Trench's Board Games

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Come and play Cally Trench's original board games! Seven colourful and exciting games,  both playable games and works of art that are animated and completed by people playing them. The luscious pieces contrast with delicate black line drawings on the boards. The games are multi-layered: they seem sweet and benign, but more sinister and challenging aspects emerge.

The games (each for 2-4 players) last 5-20 minutes, and have accessible rules. They are suitable for all ages. You can go on a 'Shopping Spree', become 'Vegetable Thieves', struggle with 'Whirlpools and Lifebelts', play for 'Danger Money', go on holiday in 'I've brought you back a baby dragon', fall into toxic ponds in 'Board Game', and collect 'Gravestones and Dry Bones'

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