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Tribute Night: Iron Maiden

Free admissions - donations during interval - suggested donation £5 each
“Run to the hills! Run for your lives!”
One of heavy metal’s most prolific, enduring, distinctive and influential acts, Iron Maiden have been thrilling us since their 1980 debut album with super twiddly dual-lead guitar riffs, galloping singles, epic album tracks and roof-lifting vocals. Still going strong, their 17th studio album Senjutsu was released in 2021. Maiden pretty much invented the image that pops into your head when you think ‘80s metal,’ and are at least partly responsible for Metallica, Dream Theater and Slipknot.
The 2024 spring edition of Tribute Night sees us continuing our long and winding train journey through the wonderful, eclectic landscape of popular music. Expect to witness various local musicians playing various Iron Maiden songs in various and often surprising ways. We won’t know quite what people will do until they do it on the night!
If you want to be involved and play a song or two at this event, or if you want to join the mailing list to hear about future nights, then email Zac at tributenight@hotmail.co.uk.
If you are a musician and you want to be involved, but you don’t know other people to play or sing with, send me an email and I’ll have a go at matching you up with others.
As usual, there is no admission fee, but donations will be collected during the interval – suggested donation £5 – cash* or card**.
(* if I can find a hat)
(** if the card machine is working)
All donations go to the Rising Sun Arts Centre, which is a registered charity funded mostly by its own earned income.
Doors open at 8pm for a prompt 8:30pm start.
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