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Digital Slip //:embrace - watch now

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A recording of Digital Slip //:embrace is now available to watch here for free. //:embrace is an online, experimental performance and cabaret-style event run by Double Okay, in collaboration with The Rising Sun Arts Centre. //:embrace is an adaptation of our previous IRL events, ‘u slip into’. Double Okay Slips are a queer-centred space for artists who know what it is like to be othered, alienated or rendered invisible. //:embrace is a digital evening of performative reclamation and a right good laugh.
Through support from the Rising Sun Arts Centre and Arts Council England funding, Double Okay programmed an online, video-based event that live streamed on 26th September 2020. The event showcases the work of two Double Okay artists and two external artists - Sheer Obsession, Mister Frank, Luca Soudant and Valeria Radchenko. The artists’ work are all tied together in a warm embrace. We are trying to navigate touch in a socially distanced time, reaching out to each other through sound and imagine ways we can be together. This show has closed captions and integrated audio description throughout.
This event is supported by Rising Sun Arts Centre, who are funding us via the Emergency Response Fund from Arts Council England National Lottery Grant.

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