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Emerging Voices - Ahmad Alazami

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Ahmad is a Syrian artist born and raised in Damascus, Syria. Since coming to the UK, Ahmad has been developing his own multi-dimensional art technique using nails, string, shadows and calligraphy. Ahmad uses his artwork to narrate human experiences of conflict and ways of finding internal peace. His work has been exhibited in the UK, Switzerland and Germany and part of it is compiled into his book ‘Multi-Dimensional Art Technique’.

For the Emerging Voices project, Ahmad has been using his experience in transforming abstract ideas into art to guide workshops with participants from community groups. Ahmad has been supporting the participants to find ways to creatively express their internal thoughts and emotions regarding isolation, finding solace through online community groups, and working through any apprehensions they might have around returning to ‘normal’. Ahmad has been involved with the local community at Reading since arriving here 7 years ago and has developed strong relationships with the local community. He is excited to be participating in a new collaborative project with the community.


Latest news

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Reading Lockdown Quilt - grand unveiling

Yesterday, the Rising Sun's Quilt Team unveiled Reading Lockdown Quilt. It was a thrilling, nailbiting, race against time.

Here is our quilty story...

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Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Statement - 19 July 2021:
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Catch up with Mister Frank's Mixtape

If you missed our recent live stream, you can now catch it here. Mister Frank hosted an Epic Online Lip Sync based on Mister Frank's Love Song Mixtape!

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Volunteer BBQ

Hi Everyone.
Our long awaited, post lock down volunteer BBQ will happen this coming Saturday, the 3rd, at the centre starting at 12.00 noon.