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Throwback Thursday

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Today’s Throwback Thursday is the Rising Sun Programme from February to June 2009. The cover image is by Lucia Baumann.

This is from 12 years ago not long after the financial crash of 2008. The centre was going strong despite the downturn in the economy providing high quality events and activities and keeping ticket prices as low as possible (Nothing in the programme is over £7).
The programme was notable for the start of Stand Up Cinema with our first ever film, Truffaut’s Day for Night. The film's first showing in cinemas for some years as it wasn't available through distributors who put it on their books again following our request for it.
The Out to Lunch Club presented some of the country's top names in experimental Jazz including Drummer Daisy Palmer, Ntshuks Bonga’s Qwati and the fabulous Convergence Quartet.
A regular programme of world music included Iffe Tolentino a guitarist and singer from Brasil organised in partnership with Pau Brasil and the Finnish band Uusikuu.
Tribute night was going strong with a night devoted to Kate Bush and the programme featured our annual 20’s tea Dance, Dolly’s Rock and Roll Diner, the start of the centre’s Carnival Project and loads more.
The front Cover features Cuban Dancer Yanisel Zapata. Yanisel who danced with Cutumba the Cuban National Folkloric Dance Company is pictured dancing the Yaruba dance of the Orishas as Oshun the goddess of rivers and waterfalls

Latest news

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Reading Lockdown Quilt - grand unveiling

Yesterday, the Rising Sun's Quilt Team unveiled Reading Lockdown Quilt. It was a thrilling, nailbiting, race against time.

Here is our quilty story...

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Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Statement - 19 July 2021:
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Catch up with Mister Frank's Mixtape

If you missed our recent live stream, you can now catch it here. Mister Frank hosted an Epic Online Lip Sync based on Mister Frank's Love Song Mixtape!

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Volunteer BBQ

Hi Everyone.
Our long awaited, post lock down volunteer BBQ will happen this coming Saturday, the 3rd, at the centre starting at 12.00 noon.