30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

Our Mission

We aim to bring communities together to enable people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds to share creatively and to learn from and about each other’s cultures. 

We aim to create opportunities for an increased sense of belonging based on the opportunity to contribute and a sense of being valued and accepted.

We aim to celebrate positive aspects of and create a recognition of our shared values and to promote values central to an open and inclusive culture and celebrate the richness of and all those who contribute to it.

We aim to provide opportunities for people to discourse and meet in informal settings in an atmosphere of mutual respect based on what each of us can contribute to our communities. 

We aim to enable those who are least considered as having a worthwhile contribution to make to become leaders of and respected contributors to their communities. 

We aim to demonstrate the power of shared values and the strength of culture where communities work together for their mutual benefit and aim to invest the power to promote positive change in the participants and communities we work with so it is their ideas and expression which drives the process.