30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

Milonga Simpatica

A regular tango dance event, complete with tea and home-made cakes. This is your chance to sociale and dance with tangueros in Reading. Watch out for special events featuring live music by Reading's finest tango bands.

Milonga Simpatica takes place every third Sunday of the month.


Easter is almost upon us!  People working in shopping centres are praying and crossing their fingers saying "please, please let somebody else get to wear the bloody bunny costume", harassed parents roam around the shops muttering "£4.50 for a lousy easter egg?  Never like this in my day"
Hi Everyone As World Cup fever is starting to mount, I, your humble narrator, would like to announce my retirement from international football given that I wasn't selected for the England squad (again).
Hi Everyone While my opening gambit is probably more suited to January 1st, I believe it was Samuel Johnson (or was it Danny Dyer?)  who once said that there's a time that "old things are made new and new things made familiar"
Brazil, Brazil, Brazil!  It's got a giant Jesus on top of a hill... ... admittedly, it's not in the same class as the water tower at Tilehurst but I think it's got a certain charm to it