30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

This Weekend's Events (18th to 20th October)

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Hi Everyone

I know regular readers will be familiar with me saying that life is getting in the way, but this time around it's like some wally waiting for the Heathrow coach at Reading station.  You know the type, the sort of individual who thinks their suitcase gives them the right to take up the whole bloody pavement (and then when they reach the airport, have a massive rant at the check-in desk because they've arrived five hours after they were supposed to)

That's better, and in other news, we have one or two things to let you know about at the Rising Sun this weekend

On Friday, we have hot thespian action courtesy of STRIKEUP FORUM THEATRE!

Forum Theatre was invented by Brazilian Theatre Practitioner, Augusto Boal, in the early 70s. It's an interactive form of theatre used to host a theatrical debate between actors and spectators, often by interpreting scenes in multiple different ways.

StrikeUp Forum Theatre is a space for Actors & Writers to collaborate on new work.

Every month, one new script from an emerging writer will be selected for development.

Scripts may be full plays or extracts, for 3 - 4 Actors, up to 15 minutes in length.

Following an ensemble-based physical warm-up.   Actors will be split into 3 groups, each with a different rehearsal brief:

1.     Company A will work with the Writer, delivering the script close to its imagined life.

2.     Company B will work with StrikeUp Artistic Director, Rachel Mary, rehearsing the script in StrikeUp’s trademark fast-paced physical style.

3.     Company C will be furnished with props, music and a ‘wildcard’ stimulus, and charged with developing their own interpretation. This can include all, some, or none of the original lines of the script, and may simply draw inspiration from the text.

For the last part, all three interpretations will be performed back for a lively debate that will spill into the bar afterwards, with an opportunity to network for further development.

To book a space:

Please email rachel@strikeuptheatre.co.uk

Or call Rachel on 07514712785

We're open from 7.30pm to 10pm and it's £15 per session

On Saturday it's time for CLUB VELOCITY

The third Saturday of the month?  The third Saturday of the month at a certain venue in Reading? Surely that means another helping of one of the best band nights in town.

They could be your fave new band-by this time next year.  Currently, no other band have the balls/or education to create this whirlwind of musical bendy-church of greatness.  Like Prog-but for punks.  Like bendy pop, when pop could be odd but brilliant at the same time.  Somewhere between HMLTD/Cardiacs and the Darkness.

For people who still care about this thing that is called rock'n'roll.  For fans of the Ramones/Buzzcocks/Blondie/White Stripes/X-Ray Spex/Kinks/The Clash - you know the drill.

Two-headed post-rock behemoth with a slice of industrial noise joy to keep you awake at night.

We'll be open at 8pm.  And it'll cost you £5 in advance from www.wegottickets.com and slightly more than that on the door

That’s everything for another week, just to remind you that we are, as always, at 30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST (If you pop it into your satnav or Google, we shall magically appear!)

Have a nice weekend!

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