30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

StrikeUp Theatre

StrikeUp are a highly-collaborative Theatre Company based at The Rising Sun Arts Centre in Reading.

We work alongside our communities to tell big stories of global relevance, through the lens of the local.

Our work exists on stage, on air, online, in arts centres, workshops, schools, community hubs and outdoor spaces.

We work in regular partnership with local communities to celebrate the joy of the shared creative experience.

You can get involved with StrikeUp by taking part in our latest workshops, projects and courses.

Keep an eye on our website (www.strikeuptheatre.co.uk), follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@StrikeUpTheatre), or email rachel@strikeuptheatre.co.uk.

Supported by funding from Arts Council England.



Hi Everyone I, your humble narrator, have a few things to do this evening.  So without any further ado, here's what we have at the Rising Sun this weekend On Friday, we have STRIKEUP FORUM THEATRE