30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

Bandorama presents Club Velocity 13 birthday party Quiet Quiet Band/Big Zero/The Johns

Sat 19 Mar, 8:00pm
Club Velocity/Bandoramma persents
!!!!!Club Velocity 13th Birthday Party!!!!!!
Saturday March 19th 2016

Club Velocity: Lineup TBC

Fri 25 Mar, 8:00pm

Lineup TBC.

Bandorama: Draw The Shades / Too Deep To Dive / The Keep Cats

Sat 16 Apr, 8:00pm

The Kids Are United/The Children Are Our Future/No Smelly Old People Evening

Bandorama: Launch Control / Mariah Pariah / Not Fit for Humans / The Vanity Projekt

Sat 20 Feb, 8:00pm

In Malcom We Trust 6 (the annual celebration celebrating the birth of the one and only Malcom Unwin). Free cake (If only to annoy Malcolm he does not do cake) and balloons (Malcolm reallllly hates

Julia Titus: Life Is Too Short

Sat 5 Mar, 8:00pm

Ask Julia about what she does and she'll tell you all about the music - the styles she likes, the things she sings and why; blues, jazz, reggae, whatever - she is a culture hoover drinking it all i

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Independent Venue Week: Two shows funded by The Arts Council

CLUB VELOCITY announces two shows in January 2016
in association with INDEPENDENT VENUE WEEK 2016 (funded by the Arts Council England)
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Independent Venue Week

We are super chuffed to once again be part of Independent Venue Week.

Bandorama: Mark Lyons / The Sandcreek Massacre / Here Are The Young Men

Sat 16 Jan, 8:00pm

A Very Exciting Gig-to celebrate the birth(day) of Luisa Garcia-and to raise funds for Messy Club. Lots of cake, a raffle and plenty of shizzle.