30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

Club Velocity presents Head Of Steam/Ocean Ruins/Khamsina/Rich Wright

Sat 16 May, 8:00pm

Bandoramma/Club Velocity presents
Head of Steam/Ocean Ruins/Khamsina/Rich Wright 

Club Velocity presents Tom Williams/Matt Malterse/Dicky

Fri 24 Apr, 8:00pm

Hooray.It has been a while, but he is back at Silver Street-solo this time.......one of the best acts to (ever) play Silver Street, well over the last ten years....

Bandoramma/Club Velocity presents Except For Tuesdays/The Makarov Scheme/Which? Kids

Sat 11 Apr, 8:00pm

Bandoramma/Club Velocity presents

If The 'Kids' Were United.........night

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Poems to celebrate International Women's Day

Poems to celebrate International Women's Day, written by Ayesha Newsam and Kathy Tytler at the monthly Sun Poets Poetry Group


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This Weekend's Events (6th to 8th March)

Hi Everyone

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Interview: Baroness Maria von Hackemann

This weekend sees the launch of a new regular night here at the Rising Sun – the Reading Kabaret Kollective.

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This Weekend's Events (27th February to 1st March)

Hi Everyone

La Rueda - Cuban Salsa

Wed 6 Apr, 7:00pm

La Rueda is Cuban salsa danced in 'the wheel' by multiple couples in a circle, passing on partners. It is fast and energetic and loads of fun.

This is a fortnightly class